VDrift for Windows

  • Free (GPL)
  • In English
  • Version: 2009-06-15

A free racing simulator

VDrift is an open-source racing simulator, featuring ten real world tracks and thirteen varied cars to choose from.

There are two game modes - practice and single race. Practice lets you drive any vehicle solo around a track, while single race lets you do the same against up to three computer controlled opponents. The menu screens in VDrift are very basic and functional, excepting the controls menu which is very unclear!

VDrift's in game graphics are fine, although in today's HD world they are a bit out-dated, as does is the sound. The driving physics are quite good, although some vehicles really don't respond well to keyboard control, as without analogue subtlety they are liable to spinning a lot!

While free games are always good, and an open source project like VDrift is admirable, there are some things that it seems only money can buy. Artificial Intelligence is one of those. The computer drivers are all the same, and drive as if you aren't there - they don't try to avoid you, for example. In slow cars they are extremely easy to beat, and in the F1 car they are robotically perfect. The other thing this lacks is character - the whole experience feels soulless, and being free can't make up for what is a pretty dry experience.

Constantly under development, VDrift is a competent but dull racing game, that lacks game modes good AI.


  • Free
  • Variety of cars and tracks


  • Poor AI
  • Dull

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VDrift 2009-06-15 for Windows

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